Advisory Committee Charter

Community Redevelopment Agency Redevelopment Plan

The Agency shall prepare and implement the overall redevelopment plan for the development of the Community Redevelopment Areas designated by the City of Riviera Beach and the CRA’s Board of Commissioners. The Agency shall cause the redevelopment plan to be updated, as required, to insure that the redevelopment plan is responsive to the needs of the City in fighting blight and eliminating slum conditions, and the Agency shall provide the tools needed to foster and support redevelopment of the targeted area(s). The redevelopment plan shall serve as the basis for the Agency’s short-term and long-term strategic planning for the target area(s) and it will serve as the Agency’s guide for the timely planning for and allocation of resources.

Responsibility and Authority for Approval of Agency Policies

Board of Commissioners

The Board of Commissioners is responsible for establishing the broad-based philosophical operating and fiscal policies of the Agency. The Board sets the overall direction for the Agency.

The primary area in which the Board exercises this broad policy setting is through the priority setting process associated with the adoption of the Agency’s budget.

Executive Director:

It is the responsibility of the agency’s Executive Director to provide clear and concise direction and guidelines to staff through the development of agency-wide procedures, which implement the policies of the Board of Commissioners and those operational policies that are promulgated by the Executive Director, as authorized by the Board of Commissioners. The existence and enforcement of policies and procedures insures that staff understand the agency’s mission,charter, and mandates and can perform their duties and responsibilities in a consistent, standardized, and professional manner. The Executive Director is authorized to develop those administrative and operational policies required to run the day-to-day business of the Agency.

Community Accountability for the Redevelopment Plan

Advisory Committee

Community accountability is maintained through the Advisory Committee. The Executive Director shall establish and appoint an Advisory Committee comprised of a cross-section of the redevelopment area ensuring balance in community and business interests; and relevant expertise in real estate and finance. The Advisory Committee is established to advise the Executive Director on the Agency plans to address the redevelopment needs of the City and the tools needed to foster and support redevelopment of the targeted areas. The Advisory Committee shall meet at least twice per year and shall be limited to 25 members or less. Advisory Committee members are chosen based on their service commitment to the City; expertise in the field of real estate or finance; or business owners in the redevelopment area. Advisory Committee members are expected at all times to represent their constituents and share the concerns of the residents, organizations and businesses they may represent. The key function of the Advisory Committee shall be to guide implementation of the master plan after adoption by the Board of Commissioners. The Advisory Committee shall assist the Executive Director in community planning and the development process as assigned. Members of the Advisory Committee may be appointed from time to time to help evaluate the selection of consultants to ensure that architectural guidelines and land use plans adhere to the concepts of the redevelopment plan.