Riviera Beach CDC



The Riviera Beach Community Development Corporation (RBCDC) was created by the CRA in 2012 as a catalyst for redevelopment throughout the CRA District, starting with the Riviera Beach Heights neighborhood, the city’s oldest and most blighted community. The goal is to create a safe, beautiful, family-friendly, walk-able community where residents, businesses and the neighborhood flourish. Several successful projects are already under development in Riviera Beach Heights:

  • A Community Garden to provide affordable nourishment and encourage healthy food choices among residents
  • A Linear Park and Health Trail to beautify vacant lots, encourage healthy lifestyles and build a sense of community
  • New sidewalks to improve walkability and expand access for people with disabilities
  • $1 million in grants to fund new homes on vacant lots
  • Supported the creation of the Healthy Food, Healthy Living food bank to help residents obtain healthy food and encourage a healthy outlook on life
  • Park Manor?