Pre Bid Meeting for ITB No. 2019-02

Any amendments to this ITB will be posted on our website at It is the vendor’s sole responsibility to routinely check this website for any amendments that may have been issued prior to the deadline for receipt of ITB submittal packets.

Submissions will be opened and inspected in the Riviera Beach CRA conference room at 2001 Broadway Suite 300, Riviera Beach, FL, 4:00 PM, June 28, 2019, or as soon thereafter as is practical by the evaluation committee.

This notice does not bind RBCRA to pursue further steps with any interested parties. Accordingly, RBCRA is not liable for any costs incurred in connection with the submittal of materials in response to this request. The CRA reserves the right to reject any and/or all submissions and waive technicalities and/or any irregularities therein. The CRA further reserves the right to award a contract to that qualified proposer whose proposal best serves the interests of the CRA in the sole discretion of the CRA.

All responses must be complete upon initial submission. Faxed responses will not be accepted. Electronic versions will not be accepted. Submissions will be time and date stamped.

Andre’ Lewis (561) 844-3408


190 E. 13th. Street, Riviera Beach, Fl