Kids on the Beat, Inaugural Edition, August 2019

Welcome to our inaugural CRA e-newsletter column, “Kids on the Beat” where Riviera Beach leaders are interviewed through the lens of local children.

Deb-Hall-McCullonADULTING for us today is Debrah Hall McCullon, a Staff Assistant for the City of Riviera Beach. Ms. Hall McCullon is the personification of a true community leader in her relentless efforts to encourage professionally, personally and online all manner of what is good for the City.

KID-ASSISTING is Gerald Williams, Jr., an advanced Riviera Beach 3rd-grade student. Gerald plays trumpet and is learning the clarinet. He enjoys playing football (offense AND defense) and is trying to decide between the FBI or the DEA when it comes time to join the workforce. His backup plan is to be a professional football player and Gerald’s favorite local hangout is the beach.

Gerald-WilliamsGERALD: What is your favorite place in Riviera Beach?
MS. HALL MCCULLON: My favorite place in Riviera Beach is Phil Foster Park under the bridge.

Did you always want to work with local government? Yes I have always wanted to work with local government. I started working with local government 30 years ago while I was in college in Tallahassee, FL, where I worked for Leon County at the Leon County Public Library as a library assistant, shelving books.

Is it hard working for the City of Riviera Beach? It is not hard working for the City of Riviera Beach. It can be very busy sometimes, but not hard at all.

Do you enjoy your job, and if so, what do you enjoy about it? I enjoy my job. I find it rewarding to be able to assist residents with the information that they need.

What does your typical workday schedule look like? My work schedule involves providing lien search information to residents and business owners. I answer questions about lien searches through email and on the telephone. Sometimes I answer the city’s main line where I answer questions and transfer residents to the appropriate city department that they need.

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