Kids on the Beat, Second Edition, Sept. 2019

Kid Assistant Derron Blake Interviews Riviera Beach Leader, Pastor & Community Advocate, Apostle Teresa Nelson.

Teresa-NelsonADULTING is Apostle Teresa Nelson, Executive Director of Nelson’s Outreach Ministry. Apostle Nelson provides outreach services through her Riviera Beach ministry to the people of the CRA District and surrounding communities via worship, concerts, camps, retreats, interventions and more. Her outreach services include: food and clothing distribution; vocational skills training; distribution of school supplies; intervention for domestic violence, alcohol and drug abuse, teen pregnancy; and more.

KID-ASSISTING is Derron Blake, Junior. Derron is 8 years old, in the third grade and attends Northboro Elementary Montessori Magnet School. He enjoys spending time with his younger brother and grandparents; the Cub Scouts; playing golf, tennis and Legos; learning about aviation and robotics; and public speaking as a tool for change. His favorite local hangouts are Rafiki Tiki, the Splash Pad and Peanut Island. Derron is particularly interested in Black History. After receiving a copy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech from his Sunday school teacher in 2015, the subject was never the same for him again..

Derron-blakeDERRON: What’s the biggest way you help people?
APOSTLE NELSON: Our weekly food distribution on Wednesdays.

What can regular people do to help their friends and neighbors? Just lend a helping hand wherever the need is, and always keep smiling.

What is your best advice for a kid growing up in Riviera Beach? Stay in school. Stay out of trouble. Be positive. Write down your short- and long-term goals. And keep FOCUSED, and you will SUCCEED!

How do you spend your free time? I enjoy sitting outside just relaxing with family and friends, and weekly on Fridays, going out to eat at Cooking From The Heart with Ms. Ann Teague, a small business entrepreneur here in Riviera Beach.

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