Women’s History Month Honored Through Art


RIVIERA BEACH, FLORIDA – The Riviera Beach CRA, City of Riviera Beach, and Artist Showcase partnered to create an art exhibit to honor Women’s History Month at the Riviera Beach Marina Village Event Center. There was an artist panel discussion on March 16, 2021 at 5pm with some of the artists that had their work on exhibit. 


It featured artists such as Lupe Lawrence, who is a local Palm Beach County art teacher. She is based in Lake Park and specializes in murals with artwork that makes use of precious stones, pastels on silks, mixed media, colored pencils with turpentine, and oils on silk.

Trina Slade-Burks is another artist in the showcase. She comes from an artistic lineage. Arts in integration has been Trina’s passion for 30 years and she has worked with numerous institutions, organizations and programs teaching art appreciation, enrichment, history and technique to children and adults alike. Her multimedia influences have included creative writing, visual arts, music and theatrical artistic disciplines, which she incorporates into her works of painting, drawing and writing poetry. The process allows her to collaborate disciplines into a unique critical ensemble. Trina is presently working on a series of collaborative workshops that bridges the understanding of depression and how art and music is a therapeutic source of remedy for mental illness. She continues producing workshops for local artists for development in excellence in their professional careers.

Caron Bowman is a multi-disciplinary artist from West Palm Beach, Florida of Afro-Honduran descent, whose biography describes her work as employing various mediums including, “drawing, painting and fiber mediums.” She works in a diverse spectrum of mediums including drawing, painting, video, and fiber media. Many influences can be seen in her artwork including pop art, surrealism, hard-edge painting and graffiti art. Her artwork fuses influence from African cubism, graffiti, street art and inspiration from Huichol Indian colorist techniques of “alternating strong and soft colors to achieve the effects of complementary opposition and to create dynamic balance.”

These are just a few of the talented artists who were featured at the exhibit held through the month of March at the Riviera Beach Marina Village Event Center. It was open to the public by appointment only for all viewings of the exhibit.

The Riviera Beach Community Redevelopment Agency

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