Riviera Beach Heights

A transformation is now underway in Riviera Beach Heights that has been years in the planning. Facing a neighborhood that has been fractured by improvements to the state highway that dissects it, the CRA is creating safe passageways for our children to walk to school, implementing new designs to soften traffic, and connecting the neighborhood with a beautiful Linear Parks and a Community Garden. The construction of new homes and rental properties will help stabilize the neighborhood, while volunteers pitch in to restore unappealing properties in need of repair.


Community Garden and Park

In addition to beautifying Riviera Beach Heights, the Community Garden and Park improves a previously unkempt vacant lot and a city-owned right of way at 10th St. and Ave. K. The Community Garden offers plots for residents to grow a nourishing assortment of fruits, vegetables and herbs, as well as flowers and other plants that are commercially viable. With so many residents stretching dollars to make ends meet, growing their own fruit and vegetables will provide healthier menu options at home. Stay up to date by following the Community Garden’s Facebook page.


Linear Park and Health Trail

This program will transform an unattractive utility easement into an eye-catching asset for Riviera Beach Heights residents and create a safe pathway for our children. The Linear Park and Health Trail will beautify the area by adding shade trees, flowers, and parcourse equipment, and will clearly improve safety with the installation of lights and a paved pathway.


Sidewalk Improvements

Launched in 2014, the community-wide sidewalk improvement program addresses 8,873 square yards of crumbling or missing sidewalks. They are being replaced with ADA compliant pathways to improve safety and access for residents and people with physical challenges.

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